Daft idea? Auto switching multiplexed "TV" display...

I have various things going on... and would like to add some.

I have a CCTV system I would like to have a display (VGA, at least), with a "slide show" (Series of jpgs) I have a weather parameters datalogger...

My dream? All of these on ONE screen... a full size display, like the screen of a "big" computer.

It would, for 30 seconds, display the input from the CCTV system after "an event" (e.g. a PIR tripped).

It would be possible for me to press a button, rather like making a choice with a KVM switch, to say "show me the current weather readings".

If neither of the above were invoked, it would be showing me the output from whatever generates the slideshow.

Here was my thought... what do you think?....

It is easy, today, to buy a small screen intended for displaying TV. With multiple inputs... some of them HDMI. And an IR remote control, which, among other things, lets you tell the display which input to feed through to the screen.

Why not, I said to myself, connect up the CCTV, the slideshow, and the weather data system outputs to the sundry inputs to such a TV (yes, I realize that the resolution, etc, might not be as good as on a modern dedicated display-for-a-computer).... and then set up an Arduino with an IR transmitter, and use THAT to emulate a person saying "show the CCTV feed"/ "show the slideshow", etc, depending on inputs to the Arduino?

Anyone played with this sort of thing? Anyone spot any "gotchas" which are going to annoy me, down the road? (Yes, I do realize that controlling a TV with an IR diode on an Arduino isn't trivial... but I've done it. Can manage that part.)

Forgive me if it seems a "dumb" question, with only "Well, of course you COULD..." as the answer... but while it seems like that to me at the moment, if any of you spot a major "but...." to break the deal, I'd be grateful to hear you thoughts.

(I can work out the exact details of the "how" for myself, at least if it goes ahead as sketched. I thought I'd appeal to the community for suggestions as to whether the PLAN seems okay, whether the plan could be tweaked before I spend time developing a flawed "answer", and have to backtrack to go around something I failed to see, further down MY "road".)

You might check a raspberry pi, it has HDMI output

You can easily connect several Arduino's to it to collect sensor data.

The idea is not to find a microprocessor which can "do things" on a TV display... it is to use an TV display to show (one at a time!) the output coming from multiple input devices, moderated (controlled) by an Arduino.

So what you are describing is a video switch.

The switch in itself has little or nothing to do with an Arduino, which is why you are not getting many replies. It is an arguable point whether it is in any way worthwhile to build one yourself, more appropriately (generally cheaper) something you would buy ready-made.

HDMI switches are presently very widely sold and (on eBay for example) quite cheap. The obvious thing is to get one of the sort where you switch it by pressing touch switches and it indicates with a LED, and hack it to your purpose. Often they have only one button which cycles through three options. This is where an Arduino comes in - you attach an output to the button and inputs to one or more indicators (before the current limit resistor) and use it to remember how many times the pseudo-button needs to be pressed to select a certain input.

Alternately, using an Arduino to emulate the remote selector for a TV is a quite standard enterprise - I think you search on "Arduino IRremote".

Oddly enough, the “project” started with a video switch! Bought one. (Too cheaply, turned out to be purely mechanical, no way to hack). It was then that I had the “bright idea” to use the input-select-switch already built into my TV, which has multiple inputs, via the IR controller.

Thanks for reassuring me that at least one reader didn’t seen there were “things” I was missing. Hard to distinguish that from “question doesn’t make sense, will move on.”

What kind of signal is coming from the CCTV?

I think it would be relatively easy to make some sort of switching device with relays if the CCTV signal is NTSC. Getting multiple pictures tiled on one screen would require some sort of computer. Displaying the NTSC signal on a VGA or HDMI monitor would also require some sort of processor to convert the incoming signal to the signal required by the monitor.

Overlaying text on a NTSC signal isn't too hard. I'm not sure if you wanted to display data at the same time as the video image. There are microcontrollers capable of overlaying text, I'm not sure if this is something the Arduino can do or not.

Of course with computers so inexpensive, you're likely better off with some sort of PC loaded with the right sort of software. As Paul__B pointed out, you could probably purchase something to do this sort of thing for less money than it would cost to make one.

Thank you Duane for the further thoughts... useful, I'm sure to others who come to this thread for ideas at some point.

My wants are simpler than some of the good ideas you wrote up for readers in general. I only one of the various feeds to the display on the screen at any given moment.

The "fancy bits" in my solution all will be in what's on the screen when. It is to facilitate getting that part of the design just the way ** I ** want it that I'm considering involving the Arduino.

The CCTV offers a VGA feed. With a little luck in souring the "TV" for this project, I'll find one with one of the inputs accepting VGA, or, failing that, Amazon and the like supply "boxes" to convert VGA to "TV" signals. (Yes, I know the resolution will suffer... and see, I am not immune to the sense of using an already-invented wheel!)