Dagi Spider Controller based on the Arduino Mega

Hi, I would like to know if any one know about the eagle file to this board,
as I would like to make some for me, to make my first try with SMD components.

In this pdf file, it has all the schematics, but would be a lot of work to re-build the board, and
if there was it available on the web, would be easier.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Schematic is shown, looks like it could be duplicated using eagle.
Will cost you maybe 16 hours of engineering time. Could buy 30 of them for that amount.
Then you'd still need to buy all the material.
Sure you want to pursue it?

Well, I was thinking in trying to build it myself.

The hardest part would be to find parts to build =(

But would be a good experience! It's using a 3A voltage regulator!
How much current does a tiny servo uses?

Look some up at hobby-lobby.com
Am pretty sure they don't need 3A!

I think that schematic had part numbers - do some searching at digikey, mouser, newark.

How many servos do you plan on using for your robot? A 3 dof (degree of freedom, or axis of rotation) biped will require 6 servos (which is about the bare minimum. 2 dof is doable, but with very limited mobility). A 3 dof hex would require 18 servos. Each individual servo may not require a lot of current, but the total current requirements will be the individual servo current draw multiplied by the number of servos. So it can be very easy to reach fairly high current draw with a large number of servos.

Also, if you want any sort of payload capacity, you're going to need servos with high torque ratings, and high torque ratings come with high current ratings.