Daily/Nightly Builds? Help implementing a bug fix

I have come across a bug, but luckily it looks documented and solved:


the author comments recently:

"I made the changes Paul suggested. If you've been having problems with this, can you try the latest SVN revision and see if it helps?"

Does this mean I have to compile the latest SVN revision as per


Or are there any compiled/built windows ones out there; the last arduino build seems to be around feb, but the bug seems to have been fixed around june.

Or can I just copy and paste some code, or update some specific files.

Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

With permission, I can post the compiled version online somewhere.. I was waiting for the 146 issue to be resolved myself, and I can thankfully state that it is! My project can now be completed... (if i didnt abandon it and start on something else;))

issue #146 only affects a single file: wiring_digital.c
Since this file is compiled each time a sketch is built, all that is needed
is an updated version of that file.
Simply check out that single file from the SVN repository.
Or you could simply go get it directly from:
And then save the file into your installation directory.
(assuming you are using an arduino board)
on 0017: xxx/hardware/cores/arduino
on 0018: xxx/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino

If you are having issues on arduino 0017, keep in mind that 146 also talks about issue 170 (fixed in 0018) which is the delay routine:
delayMicroseconds() in wiring.c that masks interrupts during the delay.

--- bill

Great, thanks alot for the helpful replies:

I will try bperrybap's suggestion first, but it would be nice to have nickvd's compiled version too.

@ nickvd: Could you please put it online somewhere, or maybe email it too me? sensev at hotmail com

Thanks again for the responses :slight_smile:

PS I am using an arduino mega with version 0018.

Hi again,

I have copied and pasted the code from


and then recompiled my code by pressing the verify (triangle) button, and then re-uploaded.

Is this all that is necessary to implement the changes, and therefore hopefully the fix?

If so, there may be other causes for glitches when controlling servos using the servo library. It seems to glitch less, but still glitches, especially during the time following an update to the servos - would reducing the serial baud rate effect/help?