daisy chaining 8x8 LED matrix modules

I want to daisy chain a couple of 8x8 LED matrix modules like http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=LED_Matrix_Kit

Each module has 5 in-pins and 5 out-pins. I connected the outs of one module to the ins of the second module. The test sketch I had was just printing the alphabet and it displayed on both modules. I expect this.

So then I gave each module its own CS and rewrote the script to print the alphabet on one module, and then bring that CS high, and start the alphabet on the second module.

What I see is the second module blank while the first displays the alphabet, but when it is time for the second module to display the alphabet, all 64 LEDs of both modules light up.

Now my question....
I just want to clarify that from a hardware POV, I can daisy chain, Vcc, GND, CLK & DIN but need individual CS.


Just connect J2 to J1 of the next board.

Vcc, Gnd, CLK, and CS are common to all.

Din of the second board is fed from Dout of the first board.

The chip acts like 8 daisy-chained shift registers. Chain two together and send twice as much data. Chain three together and send three times as much data...