Daisy chaining HC-05 modules

I have this requirement to which I am unable to find any solution to. Here is what I want to accomplish: 1> Connect to a BT module with android device(Already accomplished) 2>I have 4 other modules that I want to be able to set to a mode where they will mirror all commands send to this one module connected to my phone. 3> These connections all need to be set via the mobile. For example, I would like to have an option on the phone(in an app) to be able to set the current module to say a MASTER. Then disconnect this and connect to another module and set it to a SLAVE and set an ID which I should generate during the MASTER Setup. Now when I send some serial command to the master via android I want it to be reflected on all other modules having that SLAVE ID as well as that master itself. 4>Basically what I am looking for is a Serial Port mirror network.

I am unable to get a lot of info on this subject. Can you guys help me out here?

4>Basically what I am looking for is a Serial Port mirror network.

I am unable to get a lot of info on this subject

Maybe that is because such a thing does not exist as such.

You need individual serial ports one for each HC-05 you want to talk to. The Arduino Mega has 4 serial ports and you can use 1 software serial ( at a time ). Otherwise the only other soloution I can think of is to have some extra UARTs. You can get I2C ones but they are in surface mount packages.

Thanks for the prompt reply Grumpy_Mike. Maybe I am unable to project what I need. Give me a while, maybe I can draw it out and upload a photo to explain it. Meanwhile, what led me to believe that it is possible is the fact that a master bt can connect to up to 7 other slave modules if I am not wrong. All these BT modules will have their own separate MCUs and will be totally disconnected standalone devices. I am looking for a way to send info to only one so that all other around it will sync to it. My application requires wireless programming(changing certain parameters and settings in the actual code on the MCU. This code will be identical in all other devices as well. But I dont want to have to connect to each one and program it individually. You can understand my desperation to have something like this added to their functionality.

Multiplexing sending serial data to one of many serial devices is easy. However receiving data from multiple devices is the tricky one. This is because in sending you always know what device you want to address and so you can switch the multiplexer then send the data.

But when it comes to receiving you never know what device is going to send you data, it can start coming at any time, and while you might be able to scan all the devices quickly and switch to one sending you data, if while you are receiving data from one device, another starts up sending then that data is lost.

AGad: 4>Basically what I am looking for is a Serial Port mirror network.

Why? You might find it better to use an NRF24 network. They are made with this sort of thing in mind, while bluetooth isn't. Bluetooth is made for communication with the outside world, which you have already accomplished. NRFs have similar cost and performance as an HC-05 and run on the SPI bus. You don't need a Mega for them, or any extra UARTs.

There are other wireless options in this arena.