Daisy-chaining LED Painter PCB

For a project I've bought 8 LED driver pcb's, a product of Brilldea.

  • each board carries 3 tcl5940 led driver chips for the red, green and blue channels of the rgb leds I've assembled
  • the boards can be daisy-chained
  • each board driver 16 rgb leds so my total amount of rgb leds will be 128.

I've assembled the boards and done some first testing and gotten some odd results which I cannot fathom. The problems adhere mostly to the daisy-chaining.

I have a few questions for this forum:

  • Has anyone used these led driver boards yet? And daisy-chained them?
  • The ArduinoTlc5940 tlc5940 driver library for Arduino has a setting for how many tlc's you're using. I believe that 3 tlc's for an rgb solution is definitely something the library was built for, but does anyone know whether this library also supports 24 tlc's in a row?
  • would daisy-chaining 8 of these boards eventually result in a too weak signal at the end of the line?

Any insights are more than welcome!

cheers, Adriaan