Daisychaining Sprite


I've created an array of 8x8 LED displays. I've daisychained 8 LEDs so now I have a 64x8 display. Using 8 MAX7219 ICs.
I've come across some really useful tutorials online.

At the moment, I'm wanting to create my own font by using the sprite library.

So far:

よ - by displaying that Japanese Hiragana character I've created a byte array with the hexadecimals.

byte yo = {8, 8,0x00,0x60,0x90,0xff,0x22,0xc2,0x00,0x00}; //this is sideways because when it prints on LED it's 90 degrees

I've been successful in scrolling this accross the whole display by using the shiftLeft() method. BUT, even if the character scrolls, it displays this character multiple times, one after the other.

However, I'd like to have multiple japanese characters one after the other as though it's a sentence.
So say:

byte yo = {8, 8,0x00,0x60,0x90,0xff,0x22,0xc2,0x00,0x00}; //よ
byte u = {8,8,0x00,0x09,0x85,0x85,0x85,0x45,0x3d,0x00}; //う
byte ko = {8,8,0x00,0x64,0x42,0x42,0x42,0x42,0x26,0x00}; //こ
byte so = {8,8,0x00,0x11,0x11,0xf1,0xb9,0x95,0x93,0x10}; //そ

I want all that to print right after one another and scroll across the whole display.

Any help would be appreciate. I'm a little bit stuck with the Sprite library. Struggling with the code >:(


Look at the parola.h library, see if your font can be used within it.