Dali Master

hi pert,

l can send data to ballast and control it. but l can't receive data. if l connect rx to rx and tx to tx l can't send and receive any data.

Hi all

I am completely new to Arduino, but have worked a bit with the Helvar Dali router for lighting control. I am planning to build a light system where I would like to control around 10 Dali LED Drivers via the Arduino. I have been reading some threads, and it does not seem like there is a way to do it - so far. I remember that the Helvar Dali system can recieve and send ASCII codes. As an electrician I worked on a Helvar Dali lighting system for a customer, that had to talk with an AV system in a conference room. This was done by sending ASCII codes between the Dali system and the AV system. As far as I remember it was done either via ethernet or some kind of RS cable (maybe it was RS232).

My thought and question is: Is there some way of sending ASCII codes from Arduino to a Dali subnet?

Hoping for some help :)

Regards Lassefar, Copenhagen