Damaged Bootloader? - Does Gammon bootloader programming tool support mega4809?

I can no longer download sketches to my Uno WiFi Rev 2 with Mega4809 processor.

I think I damaged the bootloader. As a test, I’m now trying to download an empty sketch. (see picture)

I have another Arduino to use to program, but in visiting Mr. Gammon’s site to review the bootloader programming process, I was not sure which bootloader to pick as I did not see a Mega4809 processor listed. Will the ATmega329 Optiboot work?

Any recommendations?

Best regards, Bloor

----- Additional Information ----------

The previous sketch remains programmed (and still runs).

The green L LED does not flash on pressing reset.

The board passes a loopback test.

The board now missrepresents itself as Atmel atmega328pb Xplained mini to Create rather than the Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2 it previously identified itself as. (see pic)

Sketches appear to start to download using the Create Tool, but then hang. The tool does not report the fuses are in place, etc.

I probably did it to myself as I had accidentally had wires plugged into Digital Pins 1, 2 during a download.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 11.51.40 AM.png

4809 doesn't support ISP. it has other way of flashing

Uno WiFi 2 also doesn’t use a bootloader...