Damaged Mega

Yesterday I got careless and shorted out something my mega was attached to. It seems to still work, except that it won't respond to the IDE, so I'm stuck with the last code I uploaded. It's beyond my ability to fix, so does anyone in the US want it? I'll check this thread on Tuesday and post it to the person with the highest postcount (at this moment, no spamming the forums!)

Did you blow the Serial port / USB port ?

No, I can still program other Arduinos, just not that one

I meant the USB/Serial on the mega side :)

Does the current sketch Serial.prints succesfully? Or are they not used...

You can program a mega also over the ICSP or ?

Sure, send it along, can remove the ATMega8U2 or 16U2, glom some other USB/serial interface onto the board.