Dark IDE theme

Hello everyone!

Sometimes the commonly used term of black and white meaning "Clearly more to the eye" But in fact this is not really the most obvious combination ..

I thought maybe it's time to really give to the Arduino IDE a little color to the cheeks. What does that mean?!

it means changing the color settings for all functions that comes in default settings with the white theme software that it's all familiar to us, but it also can be changed for anyone who looking for legible writing.

Setting colors exist in various functions - theme.txt directory: Arduino \ lib \ theme

There are two major directories that i found on GitHub: 1). https://github.com/jeffThompson/DarkArduinoTheme 2). https://github.com/technobly/MonokaiArduinoTheme

I found that the most appropriate color combination is the Monokai one series.

For the the patient ones among you, still continue to read, please know that NOT everything is rosy :)

This Libraries was started about three years ago, so there is 'Nothing new under the sun', the current version of the arduino (1.6.9) does not supporting this libraries and it is collapsing the operation of the software.

Where now you come into the picture..

I'm asking for your help (anyone who works with the current version) to modify the definition of the IDE environment color settings, or if you can help me to know how to change it.

I am now Attaching a link to the website center of the range color versions for themes, for your inspiration: http://color-themes.com/?view=index&layout=Generic&order=popular&search&page=1

Thank you!