DarkSky weather library replacement

The DarkSky weather web site company has been bought by Apple, unfortunately this means the weather reports access will no longer be free.

The DarkSky weather library will not be developed further and users who wish to fetch and display weather data should now use the new OpenWeather library.

The data provided by OpenWeather (aka OpenWeartherMap) does not include the Moon phase data so I have added code to calculate this from the date and time. This means the OpenWeather example TFT_eSPI_OpenWeather outputs an identical display to the old DarkSkyWeather library:

As with the old DarkSkyWeather display example the library is for ESP8266 or ESP32 and a 240x320 TFT. Anti-aliased fonts and icons are used to improve the display clarity, so the above image reflects the true TFT display quality.

The My_OpenWeather_Test example collects all weather data and sends it to the serial port so that example does not need a display and could be adapted to display a subset of the weather data on another type of display.

Wonderful. :confused: