Darlington (or better) driver with 7 inputs/outputs

I am searching for a darlington (or better) driver IC with 7 inputs/outputs that can SOURCE at least 80mA/output and where 5V(ARDUINO) is sufficient for the inputs(bases)! At the moment I'm using two l293, but to save space I would prefer to have only one IC, comparable to the ULN2003A. - THANKS for the answers in advance!

Note that the UDN2980A series (dual in-line
package) and UDN2980LW series (small-outline
IC package) are electrically identical and share a
common terminal number assignment.
Recommended for high-side switching applications that benefit from
separate logic and load grounds, these devices encompass load supply
voltages to 50 V and output currents to -500 mA. These 8-channel source
drivers are useful for interfacing between low-level logic and high-current
loads. Typical loads include relays, solenoids, lamps, stepper and/or servo
motors, print hammers, and LEDs.
All devices may be used with 5 V logic systems — TTL, Schottky TTL,
DTL, and 5 V CMOS. The UDN2981A, UDN2982A, and A2982SLW are
electrically interchangeable, will withstand a maximum output off voltage of
50 V, and operate to a minimum of 5 V. All devices in this series integrate
input current limiting resistors and output transient suppression diodes, and
are activated by an active high input.

UDN 2981 are obsolete
Try to replace with Toshiba TD 62783


Alas multiple high-side drivers are getting scarcer and scarcer… The small e-line
transistors can fit into the same board area as they can be stacked side by side at
0.1" pitch, but you have 3 pins per channel to deal with, not 2. There are some
pretty well spec’d switching transistors in e-line form, such as ZTX851, NPN 5A 60V