Darlington transistor 3.3v logic for ESP32

I was looking for darlington transistors for my esp32. I want to control the DC Motor, previously I used TIP120 (connected with 5v power), but because the signal PWM from my ESP is 3.3 v. The power that went into the DC Motor was only 3.7 V, whereas I expected DC motors to get a voltage of 5v.

My question is, is there a Darlington transistor with 3.3 v logic?

Darlington transistors are not logic elements. They behave like single bipolar transistors, except the current gain and base-emitter voltage drop is larger. You need to choose an appropriate base resistor, so post a hand drawn diagram of the circuit you used.

Motors should always be powered separately from a microprocessor, or you will run into trouble.

This basic circuit will work with any Arduino and gives complete isolation of the motor and Arduino circuits.

Forgive me, which I mean is as the gate, on the Arduino where it operates at 5v, I can use the TIP120 transistor, but for at ESP32, it operates at 3.3 V, so I can not use TIP120. Are there any components of Oengganti for ESP32 that are the same as a switch

ESP32, it operates at 3.3 V, so I can not use TIP120.

Of course you can use a TIP120.

If you want help on this forum, supply the requested information. Why have you not posted a circuit diagram of what you tried?

Oengganti ?

If you had success using a tip120 with a 5volt Arduino, but not with a 3.3 volt esp32 then I would assume you have wired it incorrectly. The classic error is to use such an NPN transistor on the high side, making the voltage dependent on the voltage the base is being driven at.

Anyway, it will all become clear when you post a circuit diagram, as already requested.