Dartboard Interface

I did not want to bring up an old thread, so starting a new one. This thread has some interesting links and ideas: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=140619.0

I want to create a interface to a coin-op dartboard matrix with a 19 pin ribbon cable with female header. It is a 8x11 matrix. My plan is to use an Uno to correctly read the dart hits and send the information via USB or bluetooth to a PC or tablet.

Is is better to use two 4067 like the sketch by brianhearn?

brianhearn: My circuit and sketch can be found here. http://justifiedandroid.co.uk/Dartuino

Would it be better to use two 595 and one 165?

Still doing a lot of research, but I need to start choosing some components to create a project on a breadboard.