Darts Scoreboard

I just finished making a scoreboard for our ping pong table that used two LED matricies and each of them controlled by a max7219. I had a similar idea for our dart board. I want to use a 7x6 LED matrix (controlled by a max7219) and then also use two 3 or 4 digit 7-segment displays. I know people use the max7219 to control 7-segment displays, but if I were to use two 7-segment display. would I need 2 max7219's (one for each display)? I have tried to look it up, but didn't get much and personally have never used a max7219 for anything besides an LED matrix, so I'm not sure how many of them I would need.


Each max7219 can drive up to 8 digits. That could be two 4-digit displays, eight single-digit displays or even two 3-digit and one 2-digit display. Buy common cathode displays. The chip can drive common anode, but it is much more difficult to get the code working. Use the same size/brand/colour displays on the same max chip, otherwise it can be difficult to get the brightness even between displays. If you are driving the max with 5V, the maximum segment forward voltage is probably around 4V, so you can't directly drive large displays with 3 or more LEDs in series inside each segment.