Dashboard for GTA 5

Hi Arduino fans!

As I like the possibilities of GTA 5 in combination with Script Hook V and the vast compatibility of Arduino I decided to join them both in one project: A Dashboard for Grand Theft Auto 5, which shows the status of the current vehicle the player sits in. It is meant as a demo of what could be done using GTA 5 in combination with an Arduino.
I posted a video and a detailed instruction on how to build your own dashboard under the following link:
Arduino-Dashboard for GTA 5

Feel free to improve it and expand it even further. Please leave a comment under the blog post on how you like it!



Any chance of adding a health bar or phone control interface? (The iFruit, that is.)

Hi Digitalis,

thank you for your comment!
Implementing a health bar should be fairly easy as I think there is a specific Script Hook-function for getting the health of the character. You could use a display to show the HP or even those shiny LED bars to keep the dashboard-like look.