Dashboard Messenger widget scroll / clear window

When I send a new text to the Messenger widget on an Arduino IOT dashboard, it does not automatically scroll down, but makes a small text "New message" and I can manually scroll down to see it. Is it a way to have the widget display new messages?

One way to solve it would be to every time clear the Messenger window before posting a new message, but I don't find any documentation on how to do this. It feels like there is an interface to the widget I'm missing... Or a list of control chars...


I agree. There does not seem to be any documentation on how to use the messenger widget and an no GUI-based control to clear it either. Interesting idea, but it seems like it is not a complete solution.

would be great to know how to clear, I've ended up removing the property, saving everything, then adding it back every week....not great.

Hello, Any update on how to clear the widget?

Hello, Any update on how to clear the message widget?

A little annoying that people are paying for Arduino IOT/month but nobody from the Arduino team seems to read the forum/answer questions?

I totally agree with you. There should be some kind of documentation on how to get this things running properly. The Arduino IoT Cloud solution especially with the app are very nice and easy to use in theory. But if I think about how long it took me to get a stable connection and after that a properly running dashboard.. a nightmare!

Hello jeniara plz tell how to clear the message widget :slightly_smiling_face:?

Any update on how to clear the message of "Messenger" widget? :thinking:

Just wondering if anyone had any update on the ability to clear the message widget? failing that I'm going to have to drop my subscription and just code up a web server version :frowning:

Hi anybody, I'm so sorry but I don't have the answer, but it surprising that I can't find any info about how to use this feature in hours, so I would like to ask you for help about that, I'll be very pleased if you can post a link with some info about this feature and it commands.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, the only way I found of clearing the status message was to delete the parameter and create a new one....a real pain!!!!

This is not a professional grade. Perhaps if we all pitch in and bribe someone?

just checking in yet again.....does anyone know yet how to clear the message output?

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No, unfortunately... I can't find anything on it. I hate that the on change method activates every time my program runs because it treats the last message sent as a new message. If anybody could help...?

Hello there, Fabrizio from Arduino here.

I just came over this topic, sorry for being late!

If I understand correctly, the feature you are proposing is to have a way to clear the messenger widget content right?

hello, yup...an example would be that at the moment I have a solar tracking solution which writes to the message widget each time the panels move. This is just "out of interest" information but its nice to see.
I have a piece of code that resets the panels at night so this would be a good opportunity to wipe the message widget clear however as I can't do this the messages simply build up in the widget which eventually slows the cloud UI right down when loading so at this point I have to delete the variable, save it, create the variable again, hook it up and publish it....all to simply clear the message widget.

So yes, pretty please create a command (i.e. messagewidget.clear) that clears down the messages in the widget :slight_smile:



Thanks for the suggestion, I will communicate it to the development team and let you know as soon as we have some news.

Hello everyone!

I'm very glad to announce that we have implemented your suggestions about the Messenger widget.

Here's the news:

your_string = PropertyActions::CLEAR;  

(from ArduinoIoTCloud library version >= 1.7 - which is the default on Arduino Cloud)

Or just

your_string = "\x1b";

(using ArduinoIoTCloud library version < 1.7)

These new features applies only to the web version of Arduino IoT Cloud.

Same fixes will arrive on the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app soon.

Hope this helps everyone, please let me know your thoughts!

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