Dashboard Messenger widget scroll / clear window

When I send a new text to the Messenger widget on an Arduino IOT dashboard, it does not automatically scroll down, but makes a small text "New message" and I can manually scroll down to see it. Is it a way to have the widget display new messages?

One way to solve it would be to every time clear the Messenger window before posting a new message, but I don't find any documentation on how to do this. It feels like there is an interface to the widget I'm missing... Or a list of control chars...

I agree. There does not seem to be any documentation on how to use the messenger widget and an no GUI-based control to clear it either. Interesting idea, but it seems like it is not a complete solution.

would be great to know how to clear, I've ended up removing the property, saving everything, then adding it back every week....not great.

Hello, Any update on how to clear the widget?