Dashboard project: batery, low power, PCB design , BLE, Android - budget : $1~3K

Dear All,

We allready have a working protoype of a Go Kart dashboard but would like to bring in some improvements, namely: - BLE communication with Android so we can download our datalog and configure wirelessly our dashboard - batery charging : add batery charging capability so we can recharge the batery directly from the 12V AC provided by our kart - hibernation and low power requireent : optimize components so our board can hibernate and operate on batery - design/shape PCB so it can fit in our dashboard and integrate other exiting components (RTC, Micro SD card reader)

I am looking for someone experienced with a porfolio of succesfull project to show for. You will need to provide: - harware protype with code demonstrating how to access basic fucntionnalities - full hardware information package (BOM, schematics, PCB files) so we can subcontract a small production batch using PCBA services (e.g. http://www.seeedstudio.com/service/ or similar services).

For more details, I posted a PDF including link to demo video. You can download it from here : http://www.cekoia.com/_FILES/FG_JobOffer_Dashboard_GoKart_Rev1.pdf

If interested, you may PM via the forum or email me at : dashboard_project @ Cekoia .com

Looking forward to collaborate with the right person ; )

Cordially, FG

Very nice project. Don't you forget to talk about the display? I believe that you want to use the display that is shown (or similar) but you don't have any reference to that.

Hello FG .. Email sent.

Cheers Pete.

Thank you all of you who contacted me. Build is now in progress