Data accuracy from COM port is inconsistent

Hi. I have an Arduino uno and one pressure sensor chip. It is a simple project with three wires… power, ground, and voltage out. I ran the sketch and captured the information coming through to the COM port. It is 95% plus correct. I’m looking for tips or thoughts on the 5% that is wrong. Attached is a txt file that is annotated with the good and bad data. The first instance of bad data is around line 15. All thoughts appreciated. - Thank you, Ed

Arduino output (issue).txt (10.5 KB)

Looks like a problem with your sketch or your capture method, rather than bad data. Post the sketch (using code tags) and tell us how you captured the data.

Is this for the pressure sensor from this post.

The MPX5100AP/GP. Post your code. Leo..

Hi - I'm going to look at the sketch again. I may have to include a lien return in my print statement after each reading. That may solve the problem. - Thank you, Ed