Data acquisition system for sensor measurements using Arduino Mega

I want to build a data acquisition system to acquire data from different sensors in the system using Arduino Mega. I am a beginner in using Arduino. I would be grateful if someone could guide me in setting up a data acquisition system for this project.Any helpful tutorials would be valuable and will help me to get started.


A Mega is ideal for the job, but you need to determine what data you want to acquire, where from, and what to do with it, and then be a lot more forthcoming about it.

I think the first thing to do is determine whether Arduino serves as a convenient front end for a PC which does the real work, or as a stand alone device. If the former, you don't need a clock or any recording, if the latter, you probably do and likely some communications facility as well.

It is usually best to start with the simplest programmes that come with the Arduino system, and gradually build up to what you want. And the best resource is right here.

Here's an example of an existing product (OpenLog) that already does what you seem to be attempting. All the code is available for reference.