Data arrival time measurement - through processing.


I am using Arduino UNO for my final year project at university - it basically is an RFID reader that is managed by an PC interface created on Processing. My project supervisor suggested that as one of tests I should measure how long it takes for the information to appear on the PC from the moment of scanning different tags.

I have no idea how to do that - it is just around 1s so i would need computer to measure it...

My another questions is: could you please suggest some tests that I could perform on the reader? Testing is the most important part of FYP report and the only test I came up with so far is measuring its reading distaces depending on the type of tags...

Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated.

I hope I am writing in the right section - I do apologize if I'm not...

One problem you need to be aware of is the RFID reader ONLY sends data to the PC when it gets a valid ID. Several tries may be needed by the reader before the ID read is accepted. This variable is only known by the ID reader and will have an effect on how quickly the ID is displayed on the PC.

You also have the age old network time problem. Does the RFID reader know the time and is it synchronized with the PC? If so, can the RFID device include the time in the message going to the PC?

IF there is no time stamp on the RFID message, the PC can measure it's internal processing time after it gets the RFID message. Do you have access to the software so the time can be added to the message?

IF you do have access to and can modify the message to add the time in microseconds, then your display program can compute the processing time in the PC and guess at the time in the RFID reader.