Data Collected

I developed the following project concerning the glucose effect on luminesce;I tested the sensor and the data seem to be correct.The project does not explain how to display the data through a diagram using software. Can any of you recommend a software to be used to characterize the data provided dall'arduino? thank you very much. Crisse

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HI Crisse,

You should post more information than you did so far, - the schematic - datasheet of the sensor - and the arduino sketch (please use the #button to provide tags to keep code readable)

thank you

PLX-DAQ.xls could be all you need. It's free and can probably be used for any data. Check at the bottom of the page,132123.0.html

The code therein shows how to format the output for Arduino. Despite earlier misunderstandings, I find PLX excellent. I don't know what happened with juuka. He couldn't be bothered to respond but I guess he found PLX OK.