Data fetch and 7 SEGMENT led display output

Hi all. I'we been asked to create an board showing total number of tasks completed. The source "number" is on a webpage and I need to fetch that, and make it visible on the 7 segment LED display. I really have no clue how to script this, or even how to set it up.
Guess I need to use a wlan addition to my Arduino.

Anyone up for the challenge, and willing to help me out?

It sounds like a school assignment so you get just a basic outline here of a possible method:

The "webpage" is a PHP script that represents the number of tasks to be completed and updates/retrieves that number from a table in a MySQL database on a remote server. On that server is also a second PHP script which fetches the number of tasks from the table in a simple format.
On your Arduino, which has a network connection (e.g. wlan) to the remote server, you issue a 'http get' statement to invoke the fetch script then return the required number. Then present it on a 7 segment display.

Who's "we" and what are the constraints on this? Does it all have to be Arduino based or can you use a Raspberry Pi, desktop PC, etc., to do the job?

Why specifically a 7-segment display? What if you already have some other display that's better?