Data link problem (code or mechanical?)

I am building a RC robot, using edited code from online, and having a problem with the communication between the controller and the receiver.I am trying to test the data link between a Teensy 2.0 and an Arduino Nano 3.0. I have code on the teensy to make it output “5”. However, when I have the serial monitor read the data on the arduino it keeps coming as -1. I am trying to get the link to work properly so that I can have the teensy read the value of analog sticks and then wirelessly transmit it to the arduino. But for now I have a wire connecting the RX pin on the arduino Nano to the TX pin ( 8 ) on the teensy to see if I can get them communicating. I am not sure if this is a code problem or a mechanical problem but I do know both the arduino and the Teensy work fine. I have attached the Teensy code(print 5) as well as the arduino code (receive) and I added the code I will have on the teensy once I get the data link working if you are curious.

Any help is appreciated


print_5_pde.pde (438 Bytes)

omni_receive_editted.pde (5.03 KB)

omni_transmit.pde (1.81 KB)

If you do a and get a -1 that means "No data in the input buffer, try again later".

Are the grounds connected?

Mark I initially did not have them connected and then I connected them but the problem was the same