Data logger- File transfer over gsm

Hi all.

I'm wanting to build a datalogger system that will log GPS locations to a .CSV file on a SD card, along with some other info, which is not a problem. There will be about 3000 positions recorded daily.

The difficult parts seem to get the info transferred to the office based PC over the GSM shield/device, I currently have a SIM900 device. I was hoping to be able to email this to the pc, but from what I've read this seems rather difficult. What other methods are recommended? Or how can this be achieved?

Only the new data is required to be sent, previous days info can either be deleted or the file name changed and saved on the SD as backup.

Thanks in advance!


Even i am about to work on a project which saves gps data every second and transmits over through gsm/gprs to pc or an application server
ill be using ARDUINO uno
for GSM sim900 with ttl :-
and for gps :-
could anyone please help tell me how can i interface these :~

If you want to send an e-mail it's better than you use a GPRS modem instead of GSM. You can find some GPRS (or UMTS) modems that have an ethernet port too, so they are like a modem/router.
If you use the RS232 port you have to use the AT commands that are a standard, you can find with google (search for GPRS AT commands).

Using GSM modem you have to make a call like with analogic modem. Maybe it's better a direct call between two GSM modem and transfer files like a RS232 cable. The connection is slow, only 9600, usually there are lag and can happen that the call drops.

I was hoping to be able to email this to the pc, but from what I've read this seems rather difficult. What other methods are recommended? Or how can this be achieved?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) shouldn't be too hard to implement on an Arduino. It'll be a pretty brain-dead client but it should work. You'll need to be able to connect to an SMTP server that accepts anonymous emails or LOGIN/PLAIN authentication though -- a lot of them these days don't (due to spam), so you might need to set up your own SMTP server on a server somewhere reachable via GPRS.

Thanks for the replies.

Zoomx, could you please elaborate a bit on the Ethernet modem you mentioned.

The one I currently have is the ITead Studio SIM900 GSM / GPRS Module, is this not compatible to do the required job, or just a mess since it only has Serial interface? Are you recommending getting a stand-alone 3G modem/router, and then use a LAN shield to interface to it?

Tylernt, can you make any recommendations to a server that do not require authentication?

Any idea if there are any other similar projects out there I could review?

Thanks in advance.

You can configure most SMTP servers that way. IIS on Windows Server 2003/2008 has a Virtual SMTP server, which is probably the easiest. Or on Linux, Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix, etc could be configured that way but those can be extremely difficult to install and configure unless you are already a Linux guru.

If you don't want to set up your own SMTP server and want somebody else to just take care of it for you, Google for "email provider" or "SMTP provider". (You can't use Gmail because they require SSL and you've got almost no chance of implementing SSL on a microcontroller.) There must be a few providers out there somewhere that still support anonymous/PLAIN/LOGIN, though you may need to pay to use it.

Thanks Tylernt

I used one of these GPRS modem/router
Take care that some of them has a non working RS232 port (I don't know why!)
They are not cheap!

Hello Everyone....I am trying to send a CSV file from Data Logger to GSM and then to send a email....but the email is sent without attachment.....Help me out to fix it....

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