Data Logging a Speedway Motorcycle


I am developing a DAS specifically for Speedway. I want to log the following parameters with the following equipment;

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Data Logger Shield (with SD Card) 3 Axis Gyro with Accelerometer Breakout Board GPS Breakout Board (Track Position) Linear Pot (Clutch Position) 2 x String Pot (Steering Angle, Throttle Position) 3 x Hall Effect Sensor (Rear Wheel Speed, Front Wheel Speed, Engine Speed)

I have a good idea of the hardware I've chosen and how to wire everything but, due to lack of project funding (Sponsor dropping out), I'm left with learning to code the program myself. I've learnt a small amount using the linear pot, but I simply don't have enough time to understand and write everything myself.


I have a good idea of the hardware I’ve chosen and how to wire everything but, due to lack of project funding (Sponsor dropping out), I’m left with learning to code the program myself.

Not a good situation. The forum does not write project code, either; rather we assist members with working through a problem area.

You have a few choices:

  • Google like crazy and find out if this has been ‘done before’ and published *.
  • Start with a Mega and high-speed SD logging library and learn to program to add the additional components.
  • Buy commercial.
  • Find a few members that want to work with you out-of-forum (if this is commercial.)

Motorcycle Telemety
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Good luck,


Hi, Just a suggestion, during my Uni days, manufactures and the like use to approach them to get undergrads to do RandD or project work for them, in the engineering field it usually meant getting a project up and running or basic design.

This sort of project looks like it could be a classic application for a University project. I don't know where you are or if you have a technical minded Uni near you but the scope of your project and hands on requirement to get the inevitable bugs out will require someone local to you.

Just a suggestion.. Tom..... :)

what are you looking for ?

each of the parts has a lot of history and pre-written code. in that way, you are off to a good start.

not sure how fast you have to have data written to the SD card, or the duration of your recording.
assuming you want to record for a full race as well as practice sessions, you need to pick something.

also, once you have the raw data, you will need to do something with it to be able to use it.

so, what are you looking for ? a sponsor to ‘cover’ development of the code for you ?
hardware assembly into a rugged form ?

as a note, there are a few places on this entire site that offer specifics to what you are looking for. some 'fast start' help might get you some of the parts up and running quickly.

also, check your PM (upper right corner of the site or possibly e-mail) there are some members that might contact you directly with help or some form or another.

sensors and storage are two other forums that might have some useful information.


Thanks for your replies.

I proposed this project for my Undergrad Dissertation at University; somewhat ambitious given my lack of experience with Arduino (though this wasn't a problem until people pulled out of the project). I have about 6 weeks to get the software working with as many sensors as possible. The sampling rate will have to be pretty quick due to a Speedway race lasting about a minute, but this, along with post-processing of the data should not be a problem. There is little background research in this area (i.e. nobody has even looked at the technical side of Speedway) and there are few lecturers in the field at University.

I'm looking for code development; I could probably get each sensor working individually but I have no idea how to get them all to log simultaneously and write to the SD. Hardware assembly is fine; though I'm reluctant to buy everything as I don't want to waste money on sensors I can't use as I am funding this myself. I currently have the arduino, linear pot, logger shield and 3-axis/accelerometer - I haven't managed to get these to work together so I don't want to buy more hardware just yet.

Let me know what you think :)

I think you need to look at the link(s) I provided you: motorcycle-telemetry

The files are CSV files with the expected rows, date/time, lat, lon, speed, altitude, and satellites connected. I’ll be posting the code on my GitHub account as soon as the current test is complete.

On github, there is code for 325 projects with "motorcycle" in the search term. Motorcycle Search Github Surely, some are Arduino... A compound search yields 14 ptojects: Motorcycle Arduino

Maybe you will get a member or two to PM you; but, I have my doubts unless they are just very interested in your research project...or, unless they want you to hire them to get you out of the mess you are in...


Okay, I will see what I can do. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

I can't imagine a harsher environment than a speedway bike. Best of luck keeping electronics together.

bluejets: I can't imagine a harsher environment than a speedway bike. Best of luck keeping electronics together.

you never saw my workbench !

:o .......... :)

My idea is to enclose the majority of the hardware and mount it under the seat; most sensors are pretty cheap so I'm aiming to log as much as possible to get as much data as I can :)

Do the data logging, GPS and gyros first as this will require the least amount of wiring. Do the Hall effect sensors second. Paint them to keep the dirt and water out. Leave the pots until last. If they are cheap then they will likely suffer from dirt and water ingress which will send you on a wild goose chase that will sap your time and enthusiasm.

Thanks for the pointers. I'm working on the logger tomorrow. Had to rewire the shield to work with the Mega but that seems fine now. Just playing about with the SD card. I've soldered the pins onto the gyro breakout board so it's just a matter of mounting that to the arduino (that, along with the GPS are all going to be mounted together under the bike seat to keep them safe). Just a matter of playing with the code tomorrow and seeing how I get along. Got to keep my reports up to date and complete my literature review and methodology; really gets in the way of a practical project!

Thanks again


So I've managed to get 2 hall effects, linear potentiometer, accelerometer/gyro, GPS and the logger shield all working with the Mega and writing to the SD card. I've also finished the design for the enclosure and will be 3D printing that tomorrow.

Measuring the throttle position and steering angle are proving difficult. The code would be easy enough, I've just got to decide on the right sensor. As this is to be retrofitted quickly and cost effective, I've still got to decide what to do. Hmmmmm.....

Hopefully looking to test everything on schedule, by the end of the month.



Did you manage your project today? I am interesting because I try to do something similar.

thank you, Pm