Data logging for sports

I'm working on a concept device to allow coaches and sports physiologists to record and analyze performance and relative power for kayaking and Nordic skiing. Neither of these lend themselves well to traditional measurement with imbedded strain gauges, etc. My proof of concept used a rowing application on an iPhone, but the data output isn't granular enough for what I want, and the package doesn't lend itself to be mounted on a ski. Requirements: Visually and audibly prompt athlete to begin and end test Record results of test (duration and data set programmable) for download Collect forward, lateral and rotational acceleration and speed/distance data. For a kayak, we are looking for forward velocity and acceleration, lateral movement and directional changes, and rotation around the long axis.

Any suggestions on specific modules? I'm assuming a gps, 6 degree (9) accelerometer/gyro module, rtc/data logger, and some sort of display/input interface. What have I forgotten? Any specific projects that come to mind where someone has done similar so I don't reinvent the wheel once again? (I'm a coach, not a developer - but I have a few skills in this area)

Thanks in advance Marsh

There are Arduino clones designed for use on flying drones that have integrated accelerometers and gyros. Perhaps one of these would be a good starting point for your project. The parameters you're talking about recording seem to be the best you could get, although deriving fitness information from them is likely to be difficult/complicated/time consuming. You will probably need some sort of external storage and you might consider using an SD card for that.

Thanks for the thought, I'll take a look at drone clones. Definitely an SD card is required. This is a little more esoteric than simply measuring fitness. We are trying to do some practical, in depth analysis of stroke power, left right asymmetries, and looking at how various motions affect speed. Also, the eventual goal will include syncing this to add heart rate and video capture (probably a go pro 3 with a Wi-Fi trigger)