DAta logging shield V1.0 and arduino mega 2560, RTC problem?


Please help me to to get RTC working data logging shield ( deek-robot datalogging shield v1.0)
I have it on arduino mega2560,
The SD card is working but i need the time to my datalogger...

I have tried many example codes but no success...
Promising one hasbeen TimeLib.h

With TimeLib.h TimeRTCset example i only get:

"Unable to sync with the RTC"

ad the time keeps running but it is

"0:00:02 1 1 1970"

I can change it by serial monitor: T1357041600
And then it is

"12:00:01 1 1 2013"

When i upload the TimeRTC serial monitor says:

"Unable to sync with the RTC"
"The time has not been set. Please run the Time");
"TimeRTCSet example, or DS1307RTC SetTime example."

Thank you for the best support!

You probably have to cut the I2C lines, because they are on pins 20 and 21 not on A4 and A5.

I wonder how you made the SD card work, because the SPI is on different pins also
(my shield did not have a connection to the ISP, I had to add that for a Leonardo).

I made the SD card working with downloading custom sd.lib that allow changing the pins in the example code...

Please take a look the link:

Please can you give more specific information what i must doo with the I2C lines?


This made the shield work on a Leonard.


Your solution looks lot of work...
but i made it communicate and working by jump wires from A4 and A5 to 20 and 21....

Thank you again...

If you can afford to loose A4 and A5, shure.

Cutting the two traces and soldering to the nearby holes is no big deal.
The spaghetti is caused by the NRF24L01 connections.

But you have to use two jumper wires anyway,
I was more lucky with the Leonardo.