Data logging Temperature and Humidity

I am looking at using a DHT11 for logging my temp and humidity in a few boxes i have.

I need to be able to run these sensors several feet away (50ft ish) I would like to use Ethernet cable to do this. I know there is power loss when you start talking feet so im planing on using a 12v to 5v 5A Buck Converter to power them rather then powering them off the arduino.

Before i start down this road i have 3 questions that i can not find the answers on.

  • Can i get data off these sensors at 50 feet away?
  • I would like to run 10 per arduino and save to the sd card every 3 hours is there a way to do this all at one time or is it best to do one at a time?
  • Is there a better sensor to use other then the DHT11 that is still around the same price range

50 is a lot more than several but there is no limit on distance, you just need to know the limitations of the method you are using.

There is no problem saving data to SD, the rest of your question is incoherent, but you can really do it how you like

I understand the DHT11 is a bit of a toy, but convenient. There has been plenty of discussion on this and I guess its suitibility depends entirely on how serious you are about the data you want to receive. I imagine that, the more serious you get, about humidity, the more you might need to consider wet&dry-bulb DS18B20s, or something of that ilk.

On the matter of distance, might be of interest to you.