data logging, website and ESP8266

I want to use a NANO to extract data from a few analogue devices
run that to an ESP8266 and have it accessible on a web page.
want the data on the SD card to also be accessible from the website.

alternatively, have the site store all the data.

this whole IOT is new to me and I am asking for some guidance.
what is the best platform?
software for web hosting, etc ?
I think I want the ESP8266 to host the site because that will have access to the SD card.

the website will need graphs, simple line graphs.

mostly utilitarian. not looking for splash.

The ESP8266 serving the website will work just fine. The easiest thing would be to store a static HTML page in the ESP's flash memory. When that page is loaded, some JavaScript executes, performing an asynchronous XMLHTTPrequest to the ESP, that will then respond with the analog data. The JS can then render some graphs based on those values. (There's a lot of great JS libraries available for drawing graphs.)

You don't need an SD card, by the way, you can just store everything on the ESP's flash memory (most modules have 1 or 4M, which is more than enough for your application). Take a look at SPIFFS, a file system for the ESP8266. It works really well, you can copy your .html and .js files to it, as well as creating and appending to files to log data. (It's also much faster than an SD card.)

If you wanted to store the values elsewhere, on your computer for example, you could use the ESP as an HTTP client to post it to a PHP script on a local server and store it in a database or in a file on the computer.

Or use an online service. My favourite is thingspeak because of its unlimited data retention- the only limit they impose is 15 seconds between updates.