Data logging with Xbee


i would like to know whether it is possible to do data logging using xbees. Like i have one xbee parked and under power which is doing data logging and storing the data directly on a sd card. So that with the other xbee i can come along and download the saved data from the other xbee wirelessly. Is that actually possible or is xbee only able to do just-in-time wireless communication between two stations?

Thanks and best regards your advice

You need a MCU on each end and an Xbee to do that, Arduinos can be used easily for this but on the remote unit you are going to need to watch for low power usage and maybe an energy source like solar, depending on how long you want to operate. The XBee unit on the remote unit would look for a wake up from the unit in your hand and then do a data dump. You could probably only turn the remote Xbee on say every 30 seconds to listen for the wakeup call. The usnit in your hand would just have to broadcast its wakeup signal for 30 seconds every time it wants a data dump from the remote XBee.

A few details are probably left out but I think the overall framework would work.

ok, an arduino micro and nano i have. And i have a sd breakout module.

This wake up call can also be made just only once or twice a week? So that also once or twice a week these data would be dumped then.

Would you suggest using a xbee shield or just connect the arduino of the remote unit with the sd breakout module, the sonsor and the power supply?


I have never bought a shield I usually breadboard up what I want to verify it works design a PCB send the files to Osh Park and populate the PCB when I get it back. Shields work well if you want to stay within the Arduino form factor, at times I find I can greatly reduce the size if I break away from the shields.

tks, ok sorry what does stand PCB for and what does Osh Park stand for?