Data logging

Hi---- I am interested in paying to get some code done. I want to use a data shield on a UNO board. all of the inputs will be scaled 0- X volts, you tell me what you want the range to be. Low passed and stable to scan the A to D pins when ever the timer trips. All data crunching will be done post collection. I just need a file on the SD card with RTC stamp and data points--- delimited by comma or anything easy to sort on in XL.

I need it to be stand alone so a LCD and button input will be used to set the clock and date. Also the measurement interval. BTW this is logging power usage and nothing really changes that fast on this gear.
So the timers will be every 30 sec to every 5 min.

Need 8 inputs, 6 of them are A/D and the other 2 will be DI. The DI's need to show up in the text file as true or false (true is low) ---All inputs are isolated and ref the ground on the data board.

That is it in a nutshell.



Good day!
It is unclear - what is the question?
This is a classic data logger. In the Internet enough ready-made solutions.

The ones that are on the web from what I have seen are PC based or you need a PC to set them up. I just want to reinvent a cheaper more simple wheel! Set the date and time period and go get it in a few days to see what happened.


I can do this for you.

Check out my website then drop me a PM or email and we can chat about specifics and cost.

Cheers Pete.