Data logging

hello, i am making barcode attendance system and i want to store my students name and roll number in my program when barcode i will be scanned then roll number goes to arduino(roll number is in barcode) and search for students name of belonging roll number and it will display the name on my lcd.

How can we help? What have you tried?

It, in the easiest mode I think, is composed by this parts: The aquisition of the number by barcode reader The costructuon if a bidimensional string (array of char) that contiens the names in order The translation form barcode cecived nunber to array first index The writing of that line of the array on lcd.

Where is the problem?

I have done successfully data transfer from my Barcode scanner to arduino. My logic is that Barcode having id number of my student, scanner will scan and send id number to arduino and LCD will display the name of corresponding student, so how to say arduino to display the name of corresponding student?

If you know how to display names and read barcode you can: Make a array that contiens in order the barcode number, and a second char bidimensional array that contiens in the same order the students name. You have a variaboe that jntiens the barcode read number. You can search the barcor red number into the barcode array and, if you find it yiu can display the same index part kf the students names array.

Is it ok?

so how to say arduino to display the name of corresponding student?

That depends on how the Arduino is supposed to know the name of the student with a particular ID. You haven't shown us any code, so you should not expect any helpful replies.