Data Output to PC?

Is it possible to output data coming in on the UART to a PC. What Im trying to accomplish right now is take in GPS data from the UART lines and then pass this data right on through to my PC. Just as a test to understand the code thats going on. Im looking at the tutorial for the GPS Connection and it is straightforward. Does the code with this output through the USB port back to the PC software?

My next task then is to instead take this data and log it to a Logomatic V2 SD Datalogger which Im sure will be more adventurous.

Any and all help is appreciated.


The USB connection on the Arduino emulates a serial port.

I am now connected and using the GPS Tutorial code. A little tweaking, IE baud rates but it seems to be running ok.

Any ideas on how I take data coming in from the GPS and then output that data to a serial logger that will take either TTL or analogue data?

COnnect the TX (transmit) from the Arduino to the RX (Receive) from the datalogger, connect GND and +5V and that should be about it.

If the datalogger needs some additional commands you need to include them somewhere in your sketch.

When it does not work, please share your code and explain what doesn't work, Succes!

Sounds almost too easy LOL. Ill give it a try and keep posting.


If anyone wants to see what Im doing with the project Ill be doing a blog on the project regarding all modules/code used.


The following is about exactly that sort of exercise…

… in simple and in fancy forms.