data retrieval from strings

good day to all of you in the forum, I have to retireval data from a various strings available at the UNO serial input. The data of my interest are sent as follow: WRN (low byte) (high byte) (low byte) (high byte) (low byte) (high byte). In this case the TAG is WRN and then three data words splitted in byte. After that there are several other tags and data that are of NO interest to me and then another interesting tag is received like this: LOG (low byte) (high byte) (low byte) (high byte). Two data words splitted in bye. How could capture the data word of my interst amog others TAG and data of no interest ? Any applicable sketch ? Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance iw2fvo

You posted no code, so we have no idea what is sending the data or how you are currently processing the data. Discussing how you might extract the data of interest from the mysterious way you are dealing with the data is just NOT possible.