Data Science

Looking for a good Data Science Course. Kindly suggest me few online Data science Course

data science includes a wide range of sub categories. what exactly do you wanna learn ? you wanna learn about dw , dm , db or etc

A former co-worker of mine has recently completed a certificate program from the University of Michigan in Data Science and Machine Learning, and got job in a "data science" role. So that's probably worth something.

For more information, you can visit this blog post from where I have read more information about your questions.

From the linked blog

Data Scientist job is well in demand and is termed as “the coolest job” id this era. Nonetheless, data science is a hot and growing field, and it doesn’t take a great deal of sleuthing to find analysts breathlessly prognosticating that over the next 10 years, we’ll need billions and billions more data scientists than we currently have.

“Billions”? Hyperbole.