Data Storage/Transfer Advice Needed

Hey everyone,

I have kind of a performance question. So I have an application that handles lets say slightly less than 900b of integers pretty quickly(lets say 30seconds) on an arduino leonardo.

Currently I am passing this data down the Serial via byte-wise operands. I'm noticing the serial is hogging up some of the other operations I am trying to do (no surprise right?). Don't get me wrong, it's working, but I'm suspecting the serial threading/interrupts are chomping up other simple operations.

So what I need advice on is this. Is there a faster way to store data then serial communication? Here are the options I am aware of...

So I was looking into the EEPROM it can store the data I need it too, but the cost is 3.3ms a call (I'd be calling it quite a bit). It doesn't bother me that there's 100k writes before suspected failure I'm doing this type of routine say maybe 5 times day at maximum.

The SRAM is out the window, I end up using maybe 13,000 2 byte integers or something ridiculous.

I know there are add on chips/break out boards available I just don't know which way to go. I'd appreciate some insight.

Never mind, I just realized... 26.264 kbytes is just not possible on an arduino. It would have to be something external and large...