Data to Cloud

Hello, I am new to the cloud uploading things. I am doing a project on the automation where the temperature is monitored. I want to upload this temperature values on cloud. How to do it?I am using Intel Galileo Gen 2 board and programming is done in arduino ide.Please guide me.

Hi shubh,

Have you looked into ?

I used a account years ago to log data to the cloud. I think they've been bought out by Log Mein / xively.

Hello, I am very new to this cloud uploading. Can I upload the sensor values which I can see on the serial monitor on the cloud ? Also I want to store the values weekly or monthly , so will it be useful? I am using the arduino IDE for the programming. Please guide me. Should I use some other board like UNO and any shield?

The Uno should be fine and the Arduino IDE will work. You'll need an Ethernet shield to connect to your internet provider.

You can write data to the cloud as often as you like, every second, minute, day, ... It's under control of your sketch.

Look at the following link for more information: Arduino PachubeCient

Hi, I will try on it. I am planning to send the data from the arduino UNO connected with the WiFi shield on the cellphone . If I am using the Galileo Gen 2 board with the same arduino IDE , how should I go? The Galileo board is equipped with the Ethernet port. How can I use it?Any special cahnges from the UNO and Ethernet shield?