Data transfer between Arduino and Serial Monitor using EEPROM

Hi developers,

I am new in Arduino. I did an examples above i gave. But i need some help about this.
In this example you see, i control the 30. pin with ‘a’ character with keyboard. My problem is that, how can i write this data to EEPROM?
I want to write this data to EEPROM for i will make 30. pin HIGH, cut off energy, and than get it energized back and the pin should be still energized. Also make it If is it possible can anyone help me?

sketch_mar16a.ino.ino (484 Bytes)

You can tell the arduino to write a specific value to an adress in the EEPROM, when it receives the character via the Serial port and read the EEPROM after powering up and switch the pin on or off, depending on the value.

lg, couka