Data Transfer to Flashair Wifi SD Card

Hi all,

I have a self-designed shield for Arduino Due incl. a SD slot.
As SD card I am trying to use a Toshiba Flashair wireless SD card.
I use the perfect SDFat library and have tried it with “listfiles” program from examples.

I couldn’t send any files first, but after adding below lines before SD.begin() I could send files:
Serial.print(“Press a key to continue…”);
while (Serial.available()<=0)
OK, it was expected that wifi won’t work after SD.begin() call.


  1. Send data to SD through my Wifi network
  2. Start SD with SD.begin()
  3. Read file in SD (with “listfiles” I could see the file…)

But after that;
4. Here I want to deactivate SD and send new files via Wifi (start again from 1)
But I dont now how to make it in software or hardware…
I could only Reset Due and start again…
But something like SD.end() whould be very helpfull there…

I hope anyone could help me here out…