Data Transfer to Internet

Hello Friends,

I am collecting gps and wind speed data from my sensors and I have to upload these datas to an internet website. (It can be any website even can be a local server like
What do you suggest me? Bluetooth or Esp8266.
Since I am mechanical engineer I dont know much about this principle. I checked the forum but people generally use bluetooth to manage control systems, however, I need to transfer the data that I have already collected.
Thank you so much for reading!

What do you suggest me? Bluetooth or Esp8266.

Who knows ?

Where is the 'Internet' connection and where is the sensors and how far apart are they ?

GPS data? Sounds like a non-stationary device?
Will you always be near a wifi connection (esp8266)?

If you will be out of reach of wifi you will have to look into maybe a GSM module (if you are within GSM coverage) or some other means of radio communication to a device that has an internet connection.

What is your use case?