Data Transmition

Hello everyone, Good day, I'm new in Arduino, and we are having our project using multiple Arduino in one Raspberry Pi as our master microprocessor. I just want to know what is the maximum distance does an Arduino can transmit data to the Raspberry Pi using Cat6 UTP cable. Tnx in advance for your response :slight_smile:

Depends on what method you are using to transmit the data.

TTL connection not far; also depends on the baudrate.

Research RS232, RS422 and RS485.

For high speed logic signals that are not buffered to drive long lines, try to stick to 6 inches or less. Ensure
good ground return path for all logic signals, ie wherever you run signal wires, also run ground wires alongside.

For low speed, such as serial comms at normal baud rates, you'll be able to get a lot further without problems
since signal reflections and ringing don't generally upset serial.

For reliable high speed comms over long lines you must use a transmission line and drivers, such as
RS485. Look at figure 6 in this article for a graph of distance v. date rate for RS485: