data transmitter between two arduino

helo sir, i want rf communiccation between two arduino. i am new to this device. please would you guide me, instruction and necessary help regarding programming. aspect more from arduino.

helo sir,

There was a lengthy discussion on this and it turned out that there are females in electronics. (among others)

Anyway, on to your question.

There are two ways you could do this. the first is the Xbee suite of radios. These are expensive, but work very well. Shield, Radio You would two of each, so this would cost about $100.

On the cheaper side are the General TX/RX. These things are, well, crap. But people have found ways to make them very accurate using an Arduino library. Again, you would want two of each to allow for bidirectional communications. As of now, Sparkfun does not carry the recievers... you might want to email customer service.

And I just saw this: Looks promising, might want to check it out.

Good Luck!


If you go with Xbee, the code is very simple since the xbee shield connects to the serial pins. You can find information on setting up the radios themselves by searching for "+++ AT xbee setup"

//simple example code
byte input;
void setup(){
 Serial.begin(9600); //open the serial port to the xbee, this is the serial monitor if there is a USB cable plugged in instead of the xbee shield.
void loop(){
 Serial.println("Hello xbee 2, this is xbee 1!");
 while(Serial.available > 0){
  input =;
  Serial.print(input);//this will echo anything from the 2nd xbee back to it

You must remove the xbee shield before programming via the USB.

I would agree. The third radio I posted as no tutorials whatsoever, so you would be one your own. And the General TX/RX have seemingly been discontinued, so...