Datalog printer port

I am interested to use the rs232 port that was designed to connect to a dot matrix printer on a older power meter.
The unit has a floppy drive, but I would prefer to get my data to a mini SD. I have the mini SD shield and ordered the RS 232 shield so it looks like the hardware side will be straight forward.

I am looking for references to ‘decode’ what was I assume was essentially a LPT output to the printer. Is there any libraries that would make life easier?

It looks quite feasible if I can understand how the input to the db9 serial port worked.

The unit in question is a Hioki 3166.

If the printer output is standard ASCII characters, Serial.print() will give you the same results as if it was a printer.


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Have you got this manual and look at page 158.

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I did have the manual but nice to have it in electronic format. I am fairly certain that the port output is simple ASCII, but I can double check by searching for the printer manual.

Things looking pretty good so far.