Datalogger recommendation

Hi I'm currently designing a datalogger project using a arduino uno and a generic microSd module and I have a doubt in which way I can download the saved data in the micro SD memory.
I plan to use a program in Python to read and present the information but I don't know if it is possible to send the saved data connecting the arduino to the PC and the microcontroller send the data using the USB connection or I have to remove the memory from the module and use the memory card reader of the PC.

I want to know if someone have try something like it before and can give me some recommendations.

PSD. Is possible that in the future I require to upload some data to the memory connected to the arduino to use in the arduino operation code.

Thanks, Kian

It sounds like you know how to save data onto the SDCard. If so reading the data and sending it to the PC should be straightforward. You will need some means to switch the Arduino from data-logging mode into sending-to-the-PC mode.

When the PC opens the Arduino serial port the Arduino will reset. That won't matter if all the data is on the SDCard. But you could write your Arduino code so it checks for some command coming from the PC after a reset which tells the Arduino to upload the data. If no command comes from the PC (after, say, 20 secs) the Arduino would resume datalogging. Be aware, also, that you PC software must allow time for the Arduino to reset before it tries to send anything. I usually get my Arduino to send "Arduino is Ready" from setup() and my Python program waits for that before doing anything else.

If there is a lot of data on the SDCard the transfer process would probably take a long time comapred with removing the SDCard and putting it into a PC based SDCard reader.