Datalogger to upload to web server as client

Hi All,

I have a project where I must log a reasonable amount of data (upto 2000 entries every fifteen minutes, an entry is ID, timestamp and value) and upload this to a MySQL database where we will ‘graph’ the data with PHP.

I have the data stored in arrays on the arduino which I am collecting using the below method…

// Check if S02 is ready to save
  if(S02currenttimestamp != 0 && S02currenttimestamp < millis() - readingdelay)
    S02reading[S02index] = S02currentreading;
    S02timestamp[S02index] = S02currenttimestamp;
    S02currentreading = 0;
    S02currenttimestamp = 0;
    //Serial.println("S02 New Reading!");
  // START Read Data S02
  if(digitalRead(S02pin) != S02laststate)
    // Prep to pickup change next time
    S02laststate = digitalRead(S02pin);
    S02currenttimestamp = millis();

With smaller projects I have submitted data to the server every two minutes using something like http://servername/receive.php?S01=17&S02=6545… etc, etc.

My question is how can I get this much larger amount of data to the server?

As this unit could be installed in various locations I wish for it to be ‘plug and play’, a simple web client would be ideal as no port forwarding or known IP’s would be required.

Many thanks in advance!