Datalogging 3 sensors pH , gas flow , temperature

Hi all Iam a intern chimiste in the university And we have this machine we call phermentation chamber It has 3 sensor 1 pH sensor , 1 pt100 sensor , and gas flow meter 0bar

And we want to datalogg them in a graph Can someone from you guys can help me with this problem thank you

Can you find manufacturers' datasheets for the sensors ? - pH sensor - pt100 sensor - gas flow meter 0 bar

How is their output currently collected/displayed ?

In principle, it should be quite straightforward, once the output format from the sensors is understood, to interpret/log/display the data.

I'm a chemist and doing something simmalar but with different sensors. The PT100 sensor is no problem (I've been working with them). I'd imagine the gas flow meter is propbably going to be easy as they tend to be industrial so I'd assume they have a voltage out or at least a 4-20 mA output although i haven't worked with them. The pH meter may be a bit difficult. I'm about to go down that route and it seems like most pH meters that have a reasonable price don't have any useful output. It seems like you have to go to the pricier ones for analog out and even more rediculous priced ones for RS-232. There are some hobbiest ones that look promising.

the first thing is to pick the sensors you want to use. verify that their sensitivity and life span fit with your requirements.

google the sensor part number with arduino. see if anyone has posted how to use that part. read at least half a dozen articles to see if people used it only to find something better

then check power consumption. that usually comes in 3rd for me

There are loads of PH sensors with a board that can be had for under $10 USD since there is a liquid in the part, they have a life of about a year.