Datasheet for MiniUSB

Hey there,

I’m going more and more nuts while trying to talk to a PromiESD 100 BT module via an MiniUsbArduinoPlug (ft232rl)! ( Well now to do everything more than accurate I’d love to consult the MiniUsb Datasheet about possible different TTL levels on the various RX/TX pinouts. Also: What’s “GPIO2 and 3”, “sleep” and “RI”? Could’nt find a thing, so every hint is highly appreciated!

And unneccessary to say, whoever had success in communicating with the MiniUSB or MiniArduino AND a PromiESD 100, pleeeeeeease let me know pinouts, levelconverting (5 to 3.3) etc…

Thanks, All the best, H@NNES