Datasheet of components


I am intersed to buy the Arduino Engineering Kit.
Since I will use it with other HW, I would like to know the characteristic of the included components.

Are available the datasheet of electronic components? (LiPo Battery, Charger, DC motors with encoder, Hall Sensor Module, and so on).

Best regards, Paolo.

Hello Paolo,
The links to the data sheets are in the course for the Arduino Engineering Kit (AEK).
After purchasing the AEK, you get access to the AEK course via an email with a license code.
The license code also is used to activate the software license for MATLAB Simulink via some separate web-links described in Chapter 1.

The AEK course has 6 chapters:
3 chapters with introduction information and
3 chapters for the projects in the kit.

All the components of the kit are listed in the 1st chapter, including the Arduino boards, sensors, projects, and all the links for downloads for Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE), MATLAb & Simulink license components.
Chapter 2 describes the Arduino boards in the kit, how they work, how to use the IDE to program them, how to use the MATLAB and Simulink software to communicate with Arduino.
Chapter 3 describes the specs for each component and how they work.
Chapter 4 is for the Drawing Robot project.
Chapter 5 is for the Rover project.
Chapter 6 is for the Self Balancing Motorcycle project.

The data sheets for the kit are as follows and are listed in Chapter 3 and in the chapters for the projects:

B0018 GM12-N20VA-08225-100-EN.PDF
Gear motor Datasheet.pdf
GM12-N20VA-08225-100-EN Motor Curve.pdf

There was no data sheet for the Lipo battery which is a 800 mA, 11.1 V (3 cell), 40C, and no data sheet for the charger, just instructions for how to safely use it to charge the battery.

Hope that helps,